Redbird Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator in Miami

Redbird Flight Simulator

Immerse yourself in cutting edge training with the Redbird Flight Simulator. At Sun City Aviation Academy, we understand the transformative power of simulator training, and we've harnessed its capabilities to enhance your learning journey. The Redbird Flight Simulator stands as an indispensable tool, offering a host of benefits that amplify the student pilot experience.

Unlock a realm of possibilities as you practice maneuvers, refine techniques, and master emergency procedures in a dynamic and controlled environment. With the ability to pause mid-flight and replay scenarios under different conditions, the simulator becomes a pivotal tool, solidifying your training and refining your skills for real-world scenarios.

How it Works

Sun City Aviation School Instructors teaching the basics of flight navigation
Our scenario based training approach, combined with FAA approval as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD), ensures that your simulator hours contribute significantly toward your pilot certification. Simulator training empowers you to confidently navigate real-world challenges, shaping you into a pilot equipped with precision, safety, and astute aeronautical decision-making skills.

Step into the future of flight training with the Redbird Flight Simulator at Sun City Aviation Academy – where every simulation propels you closer to mastery of the skies.

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