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  1. How It All Started

    Founded in December 2022 by Luke Poulos, Sun City Aviation Academy embodies a lifelong passion for aviation and teaching. Inspired by his grandfather's legacy and fueled by his father's teaching experience in the medical field, Luke is driven to nurture aspiring aviators.

    With a solid background in aviation, including Part 135 charter operations and Part 121 airline experience, he understands the importance of a strong foundation in flight training. He also knows firsthand how the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor can give students a competitive edge in the aviation industry.

  1. Our Location

We are located at North Perry Airport KHWO in Pembroke Pines, Florida, U.S.A

Sun City Academy team members in front of their sea plane

Our Mission Is

to train professional, safe, and proficient pilots who will one day excel in the aviation industry.

  1. Our Leadership Team

Luke Poulos, Founder, CEO & Chief Pilot

Luke Poulos

Founder & CEO

Luke Poulos, the CEO and founder of Sun City Aviation Academy, discovered his passion for teaching early in his aviation career. With over 20 years of experience and more than 4,000 flight hours, Luke is dedicated to sharing his knowledge. He holds several certifications including ATP, CFI, CFI-I, and MEI. Luke's journey in aviation was inspired by his grandfather and by his father's medical teaching background. He's not only a pilot but also a proud father who taught his own children to fly of whom now have successful careers in aviation. This passion for teaching and Luke's diverse aviation experience drives our academy's mission.

Joe Cannizzaro, Director of Operations

Joe Cannizzaro

Director of Operations

Joe spent the last 30 Years working in flight school operations, and flying professionally for both a Part 121 and Part 135 Operator. Joe has been an essential part of multiple flight schools throughout his 30 years, serving as a Chief pilot and Director of Operations. Joe has over 4,000 total flight hours and currently holds a ATP, CFI, CFI-I, and MEI certificates.

Paul Janecki, Chief Pilot

Paul Janecki

Chief Pilot

Paul, with 40+ years in aviation, brings vast expertise. He has 15,000+ flight instruction hours and Airframe and Powerplant and Inspection Authorization credentials. He holds a Bachelor's degree in aviation management. After college, he joined an internship at a flight school, gaining skills as an Airframe and Powerplant Technician while receiving professional flight training. This led to him earning ATP, CFI, CFI-I, and MEI certificates.

Cris Freilich, Director of Sales & Services

Cris Freilich

Director of Sales, Service, & Finance

Cris has a Bachelor's degree in business management with a background in finance, aviation, and marketing. Cris spent the last 10 years working as sales, service, and school director for several prominent fight schools in Florida. Throughout his time working at these flight schools, Cris' love and passion for aviation grew and has led him to complete his Private Pilot Certificate.

Georgette Poulos, Office Manager

Georgette Poulos

Office Manager

Georgette holds a bachelor's degree in Alternative Medicine and is a graduate of culinary school, but she is no stranger to aviation. Being married to a pilot for 28 years and having two pilots for children, she is well versed in the aviation field. Georgette is Sun City's office manager and is presently pursuing a bachelor's degree in aerospace management.

  1. Flight Instructors and Staff

Amber Gabel, Senior Flight Instructor

Amber Gabel

Senior Flight Instructor

Jacob Case

Jacob Case

Flight Instructor

Jean Dorcelien

Jean Dorcelien

Flight Instructor

Ben Singley

Ben Singley

Flight Instructor

Nicolas McCaulsky

Nicolas McCaulsky

Flight Instructor

Gleb Sokolov

Gleb Sokolov

Flight Instructor

Mafer Caceres

Mafer Caceres

Dispatch Administrator
Social Media Specialist

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KHWO - North Perry Airport

7201 S Airport Rd #504A
Pembroke Pines, FL 33023
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