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** Next Aviation 101 Course Begins
April 27, 2024 **

Aviation 101: Training Future Pilots

In our Aviation 101 - Ground Training Program, students aged 15 to 18 are invited to embark on a transformative 13-week journey. Every Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 pm, participants will delve into an immersive course, culminating in test preparation and qualification for the Private Pilot Written Exam.

The High School Aviation Program is a unique opportunity designed to introduce younger minds to the marvels of flight. Led by experienced instructors, this program immerses aspiring aviators in the world of aircraft, aerodynamics, and the science of flying. It's not just a course though; it's a pathway to ignite a lifelong passion for aviation from an early age.

For parents, our commitment extends beyond the classroom. Sun City Aviation boasts a team of expert instructors dedicated to providing a safe and enriching learning environment. We believe in opening doors to diverse educational and career paths through aviation, and our curriculum prepares students to meet the requirements of the Airmen Certification Standards (ACS) laid out by the FAA. By the end of the course your child will be ready to take their FAA private pilot written exam.

Young aspiring aviators, aged 15 to 18, will find a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Our program lays the essential groundwork for future success in aviation, offering not just theoretical knowledge but practical experiences. With the opportunity to solo at 16 and achieve a private pilot certificate by 17, our program is designed not only to spark an interest in aviation but also to set participants on a trajectory toward success in the skies.

Don't miss the chance for your high schooler to enter into the exciting realm of aviation. Remember, our next Aviation 101 course kicks off on April 27, 2024, so register your student today!

For more information, feel free to call us at (754) 423-2159 or email info@suncityaviation.com.

The future generation of skilled pilots and aviators starts here!

Your children can be the part of the future generation of skilled pilots and aviators. The Youth Aviation Class at Sun City Aviation Academy provides a fun environment for learning how to fly.

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