Professional Pilot Course

Comprehensive course to take you from zero to hero

Sun City Aviation Academy offers the Professional Pilot Course. An all in one comprehensive program which includes private pilot, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine training which sets you up to start a career in the aviation industry.

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Professional Pilot Course

Our Professional Pilot Course at Sun City Aviation Academy is a comprehensive program designed to take aspiring aviators on a journey from novice to professional. This course combines Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, and Multi-Engine training into one cohesive curriculum. It's perfect for those who dream of making aviation their career. Throughout this course, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to excel in the aviation industry, from flying small planes to handling complex multi-engine aircraft. Join us in this intensive and rewarding adventure as we guide you toward becoming a skilled and confident professional pilot.

Private Pilot Certificate

Begin your aviation journey with a private pilot certificate, your first step as an aspiring pilot. This certification lets you fly for personal purposes. Our skilled instructors are dedicated to giving you expert guidance, helping you master essential flight skills. Gain confidence in takeoffs, landings, and navigating the skies with our experienced team's support.

Instrument Rating

Gain the expertise and skills to navigate challenging weather conditions with the Instrument Rating. This rating enables you to rely on your aircraft's instruments in low visibility scenarios. It opens up numerous opportunities, elevating your safety and proficiency as a pilot.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

Earn your commercial certificate and unlock the ability to fly for compensation or hire. Our experienced instructors will guide you in mastering advanced aircraft operation, including advanced maneuvers and emergency procedures. Rest assured, you'll receive comprehensive preparation to tackle any challenges in your aviation career.

Multi Engine

Get ready to handle complex multi-engine aircraft with a multi-engine rating. Our advanced training covers engine management, emergency procedures, and more, equipping you with the skills and confidence needed for effortless multi-engine flying.

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At Sun City Aviation Academy, we are dedicated to training you into a capable, adaptable, proficient, and safe pilot.

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