Introducing our Experience Aviation Program

Aviation Program for High School Students

Inspiring a new generation of aviators. Making science and aviation fun.

The Experience Aviation High School Program provides a fantastic opportunity for campers to learn about aviation and aerospace. We've teamed up with FSANA (Flight School Association of North America) to bring the fun Experience Aviation Program to aspiring aviators at North Perry Airport. During this immersive week long program, high school students get to learn about flight dynamics, explore aircraft, and gain insights into aviation careers. At the end of the program, they'll have the opportunity to fly an airplane and also visit the air traffic control tower.

Sun City AeroCamp attendee climbing a plane during pre-flight

The Experience Aviation High School Program at Sun City Aviation Academy offers high school students a unique opportunity to explore the amazing world of aviation and aerospace at North Perry Airport. Our certified instructors and team guide program attendees through a week of exciting experiences, including the chance to sit in the front of a plane and go flying. Discover the wonders of aviation during this unforgettable adventure.

Upcoming Experience Aviation Dates

March 28, 2024 - March 30, 2024
(ages 14-18)

Sun City AeroCamp attendee flying a plane

Experience Aviation Program attendee flying a plane over the South Florida area near Miami

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