Introducing our Experience Aviation Program

Aviation Program for High School Students

Inspiring a new generation of aviators. Experience the joy of flight first hand.

The Experience Aviation High School Program offers an exciting opportunity for high school students to do a deep dive into the world of aviation. Over three action packed days, participants will immerse themselves in the fundamentals of flight, learning about aerodynamics, radio communications, weather patterns, and more. Led by experienced instructors, students will engage in hands on activities such as preflight inspections, interactive games, and simulator sessions. They'll also go on guided tours of the Air Traffic Control Tower and/or Fire Station. Experience and learn how to fly in the flight simulator and at the end of the course, fly an actual plane. With interactive activities designed to enhance understanding and foster teamwork, this program is the perfect starting point for aspiring aviators.

Sun City Experience Aviation students pre-flighting cessna 172 and checking fuel in Hollywood, FL North Perry Airport

The Experience Aviation High School Program at Sun City Aviation Academy offers high school students a unique opportunity to explore the amazing world of aviation and aerospace at North Perry Airport. Our certified instructors and team guide program attendees through a week of exciting experiences, including the chance to sit in the front of a plane and go flying. Discover the wonders of aviation during this unforgettable adventure.

Upcoming Experience Aviation Dates

June 20, 2024 - June 22, 2024 (ages 14-18)

June 28, 2024 - June 29, 2024
(ages 8-13)*

*Parent should stay during the duration of the program

August 1, 2024 - August 3, 2024 (ages 14-18)

Sun City Experience Aviation attendees looking at sectional chart (pilot map)

Sun City Experience Aviation attendees learning about sectional charts (pilot map)

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