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What's a Flight Review?

A Flight Review, often referred to as a Biennial Flight Review (BFR), is a regular assessment and re-evaluation of a pilot's flying skills and knowledge that occurs every two years. This comprehensive examination which is completed by a qualified instructor is mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. The primary purpose of a flight review is to ensure that pilots continue to meet the FAA's safety and proficiency standards, allowing them to operate aircraft safely and confidently. During this review, pilots undergo a thorough assessment that covers a range of essential flying topics, from aircraft handling and emergency procedures to regulatory knowledge.

At Sun City Aviation Academy, we recognize the significance of the Flight Review and its role in maintaining the highest standards of aviation safety. Our Flight Review program is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your flying skills, helping you stay current and proficient. Led by experienced and certified flight instructors, our flight review process covers all the essential aspects of aviation, from cockpit procedures to navigation techniques. Whether you're a seasoned pilot looking to refresh your skills or a newer pilot aiming to fulfill your biennial requirement, our flight review program at KHWO North Perry Airport in Hollywood, FL, is here to meet your needs and ensure that you're always ready to fly safely.

What to Expect

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A flight review which is mandated by the FAA every 24 calendar months, is a comprehensive evaluation of a pilot's knowledge and skills to ensure they continue to operate safely and proficiently. A flight review consists of a ground portion where you can expect an evaluation of your regulatory knowledge, aeronautical science, and weather; and a flight portion where you can expect an evaluation of your flight maneuvers and emergency procedures.

More specifically, in the flight portion of the review, your ability to perform standard and advanced maneuvers will be assessed, including elements such as steep turns and stalls. Additionally, you will be evaluated on your reactions and decision-making skills in simulated emergency scenarios. It's important to demonstrate your proficiency in these areas to ensure you can handle challenging situations safely. In the ground portion, your knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), airspace rules, and operational limitations will be examined to ensure your understanding of the legal aspects of aviation. Overall, a Flight Review is a valuable opportunity to maintain and improve your piloting skills while ensuring you continue to meet the high safety standards required in aviation.

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