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Pilot Training in the Cessna 172 in Miramar, FL

Cessna 172

Embark on an aviation journey starting with our Cessna 172 aircraft – a reliable companion for those stepping into the world of flight. Experience the open skies in a spacious cockpit designed as an environment where you can truly feel comfortable as you get started in the world of flight.

The Cessna 172 offers simplicity in control, allowing you to navigate the skies effortlessly as you take your initial flights. With top notch stability, this aircraft is perfect for any level, from student to certified pilot.

Avionics and Features

flying the Cessna 172 over the Hollywood, FL beach
Immerse yourself in a learning environment where technology meets training. Our Cessna 172s are equipped with:
  • Advanced Garmin 430 navigation systems
  • Aspen, dual G5 PFDs
  • Garmin MFDs
These tools ensure that you’re not just a pilot, but an expert navigator too, ready to traverse the skies with confidence.

Beyond the basics, our instrument capable Cessna 172s allow you to continue your journey beyond the private certificate and into an Instrument Rating certification. Discover the joy of flight with our Cessna 172s and reserve your spot now.

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