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Your path to becoming a professional pilot starts here. Our experienced instructors will help you achieve your aviation goals. Join the family at Sun City.

Sun City Aviation Academy was voted as the best flight school in Pembroke Pines 2024
Voted BEST Flight School in Pembroke Pines 2024

Become a Pilot at Sun City Aviation Academy

Your aviation dreams take center stage here. Whether pursuing a professional career, building flight hours, or seeking leisurely adventure, we have the perfect path for you.

Comprehensive program covering private, instrument, commercial, and multi-engine flight training.

Professional Pilot Course

Your passport to the skies! Learn to pilot your dreams with our Private Pilot Course.

Private Pilot

Learn the fundamentals of aviation in a group setting and pass your pilot written exam

Group Ground School

Navigate through clouds and the skies with precision through our Instrument Rating course.

Instrument Rating

Start your pilot career with our Commercial Pilot Course. Your path to the captain's seat is here.

Commercial Pilot

For many this is their goal. The ATP certificate is a minimum requirement to join the airlines.

ATP - Airline Transport

Why Sun City
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Luke Poulos
Founder & CEO

We offer a diverse range of programs designed to elevate you to new heights in the world of aviation. Experience our fast track programs with 7 days a week training, guided by our seasoned instructors. Luke Poulos, our founder, boasts over 20 years of aviation industry experience. His mission is to make Sun City Aviation Academy the top rated flight school in the country.

Experience in Aviation
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A discovery flight is the first step into becoming a pilot. If you've ever been interested in flying an airplane, then this is your chance to be inside the cockpit on the controls. You'll be paired up with a certificated flight instructor and get clearance from the tower to taxi to the runway. Push the throttle forward and pull controls back to lift the plane from the ground.

Doing a discovery flight is the best way to determine if being a pilot is right for you. Whether you're trying it out for fun or want to fly professionally, doing a discovery flight will allow you to see the Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood from a new perspective.

Take a disovery flight with Sun City and see Miami from the skies
Start Pilot Training and


Your private pilot certificate is the first major milestone in becoming a pilot. With a private pilot certificate, you are allowed to be the pilot in command and have the privilege of taking on passengers. To get the certificate, you will train consistently and pass a written exam, medical exam, and practical exam.

The team at Sun City Aviation Academy will guide you every step of the way. Right after your discovery flight, you'll work with a flight instructor where you'll have individualized training. You'll learn how to maneuver the airplane in the sky and eventually get your wings and have the training to fly solo. From there, we work on strengthening your piloting skills to be prepared for your checkride with a FAA designated pilot examiner. When you fly at Sun City, you're more than just a number. You're part of the Sun City family.

Sun City students going over maps and flight charts planning out a cross country in the Hollywood, FL airspace

Can You Become a Pilot?

Many people believe that becoming a pilot is out of reach due to concerns about expenses, time commitments, and safety. These concerns often arise from online research and general uncertainty. We understand these valid concerns and encourage you to speak with a Sun City team member to address any questions that may have arisen during your research.

At Sun City Aviation Academy, you don't need to make a substantial financial commitment upfront. It all begins with an affordable discovery flight, costing only a few hundred dollars. Pursuing your pilot's license is indeed a significant time investment, but it's a life changing achievement with long lasting rewards. Safety is our utmost priority at Sun City, ensuring your journey to becoming a pilot is both fulfilling and safe.

Wondering if a pilot's life is right for you? Discover if the world of aviation is right for you by taking our "Is Flying Right for Me?" quiz. This quiz is designed to help you explore your interests and determine if the skies are where you belong. Get started on your aviation journey by clicking below to take the quiz.

Student pilot at Sun City after passing her private pilot checkride

At SUN CITY, safety is paramount.

We're experts in flight training and always put safety first. Choose Sun City Aviation Academy for your pilot training in the South Florida area.

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Let's meet and see how we can help you achieve your aviation goals. Learn more about what it takes to become a pilot. Click the big red button to schedule a time to speak with one of our team members.

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